About RUF Watches

‘RUF’ is an abbreviation of Reuss Uhren Fabrik. RUF Watches has been pushing the rugged aesthetic since 1999, when it was founded in Lucerne, Switzerland. In 2008, the brand made this look its signature style, with an emphasis on robust sports watches at accessible prices. Since then, the brand, has combined Swiss-Made quality with sporty design.

RUF watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every component is designed, developed and produced in Switzerland to the most exacting standards.



All of RUF timepieces are manufactured by Chrono AG in Solothurn Switzerland.

Chrono AG also manufactures famous high quality brands such as ‘Swiss Military by Chrono’ and ‘Cover’.

Our watch families combine Swiss precision engineering with extraordinary and timeless Swiss design, bringing the finest technology and unique emotions to your wrist.

Today, RUF Watches is well established, and has a great expertise in the field of sports, performance and lifestyle watches. High-quality materials as well as a stylish variety of colours and shapes make these Swiss Made timepieces uniquely special and ideally suited for individualistic, quality-conscious lifestyles.

Combining Swiss craftsmanship with sporty design, remarkable functions and military precision at a competitive cost/performance ratio has forged the brand’s identity and reputation.



Exquisite Quality – Inside and out

The automatic movement in our flagship models, the Captain and the Meister Pilot, is the Valjoux 7750 Chronograph. The Valjoux 7750 Chronograph movement is a Swiss timekeeping icon, and is perhaps the most successful Swiss automatic chronograph movement ever produced.


From design to production

In the spirit of the Swiss watchmaking tradition, we commit ourselves to manufacturing all of our watches according to the official Swiss Made regulations – a label which stands for high quality craftsmanship, technical know-how, innovation and competence, as well as aesthetic values. In so doing, we not only strive to uphold the unrivalled reputation of Swiss Made watches but also aim at providing the consumer with the best choice of a high quality timepiece.

Our well-established team with experience, expertise and esprit devotes itself daily to the creation of outstanding timepieces that display a successful combination of tradition and the modern age.