Why RUF Watches?

Combining Swiss design with the finest Swiss watchmaking skills, and concentrating on craftmanship rather than salesmanship, we have successfully created watches that stand comparison with the world's greatest watch brands in every respect - apart from price.

Unique Business Model

We turned the traditional luxury watch distribution model on its head by deciding to sell our own watches rather than relying on third party retailers. By selling exclusively online we were able to immediately halve the prices of our watches compared to other fine watch brands.

No Celebrities

There’s no doubt that paying celebrities to promote your brand is the fastest way to grow sales. It’s also extremely expensive and the enormous costs involved are passed on to the customer in higher selling prices.

We took the view that there’s a growing constituency of well-informed people who understand this and who don’t need and don’t want the endorsement of an arbitrary yet expensive face. This constituency prefer instead to do their own research, often online, before making their decision.

Honest Pricing, Fair Margins

Again, it’s a simple philosophy that informs our approach to pricing our watches. Whatever the cost price of the watch, we multiply this by around 2,5 times and that is the selling price, including VAT. This gives us enough margin to make a fair profit after covering the running costs of the business. Every cent we have profited has been poured back into the business to help us continue towards our mission of making fine watches accessible to everyone.